2307 - Aia Solis

Aug 5 - 19 , 2017

Anxiety. It paralyzes me, consumes me. Forces me to conceal what society misunderstands.

In this quiet solitude, my thoughts begin to scatter without constraint. The constant war with this facade I struggle to keep. And choosing carefully the things I would reveal, with the unease of what the norm might find inappropriate. Meandering scenes that play through my head forms a separate consciousness. Should I repress these wandering subliminal echoes traveling my own isolated universe?

Taking off reluctance one by one, cognizant of the dangers that it may pose. Shrouded by voices that tell me not to be afraid of who I am, somehow the air seems easier to take in. Their whispers quell the storm as they gather my capricious thoughts. They embody my struggles upon themselves and put things into perspective. A lifeline cast before I drown myself completely into the abyss.

I peer at the world outside still afraid, but with the courage to help others understand what most are disinclined to see. Given that I am crippled by what people may misinterpret, hiding behind normality does not open our eyes to reality. As long as I’m aware who I am from this day to the next, although bound by my own limitations, I will find ways to deal with my encumbrance.

Written by Ino Tiglao

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