"Bed Space" | Jie Adamat, Jovert Aguilar, Kalven Agustin, Chito Borja, Jerome Choco, Wins Delos Santos, Pabsie Martus, Jana Charlene Mendoza, Yuki Motoda, Sarah Geneblazo, Jerwin Villanueva

Mar 6, 2019

BEDSPACE: A Group Exhibit Proposal at Nova Art Gallery

The concept of the exhibit signifies a lot of things about the private life of each artist participating in the group exhibition. It showcases different interpretation of the artist bedroom. It is known to be one’s personal space and comfort zone, where we feel relax and safe, where imagine, reminisce, and think, where we rest, sleep and dream, where we hide our deepest secrets from the rest of the world. The artists present the artworks of each individual according to their strength and mediums they find in expressing themselves. The entire concept was conceived by the artist to whatever they think appropriate to the selected idea the “Bedroom.” The painting, image, sculpture and installation of the artist vary from the different interpretation based on their imagination, experiences, desires and fantasies.


Dream is the usual idea that comes to mind when you represent bedroom. In the work of Chito Borja, conveys an interpretation on what is happening in his room and a revelation that was shown in his dream. It is composed of materials that are present in his dream. While in the artwork of the Kalven Agustin with a series entitled “Toss and Turn”, depicts the stages of the body in finding the right spot in sleeping. It is an actual documentation of the different position of the artist as he toss and turn in his bed to finally find the right position to get to slumber and finally dream of all the beautiful things that plays in his dream. However Jana Mendoza, shows the actual picture of her dream, on where she dream to be free. Freedom to fly like a butterfly, and to do things on her own as an adult Fear can also be brought to express in the work of Geneblazo and Martus, where Sarah Geneblazo show fear of commitment in the context of domesticated environment brought by traditions. The work shows the self-portrayal of her destination from misery towards the bliss of paradise. While “Darkest Hour” of Pabsie Martus describes the desperation, drowning in the ocean of sadness and experiencing nightmare while awake in the wee hour of the night. This sensation keeps her up late and here come the time she is most threatened and scared were she crumble, tremble and fall apart. She uses bee-hive in her work as a symbol of holes, holes that needs to fill in her life, a way to remove her trypophobia (fear of holes). Bedroom decoration can be presented as concept in art, in the artwork of Motoda, show his fascination about dolls and believes that they come to life in his room and his world. The idea comes from his room full of dolls and having a joy in his heart in the presence of the dolls. At times he holds a conversation with his dolls every time he feels sad, having problems and sometimes he shares his plans with them. His artworks show the achievement in his live that gives him the state of contentment and pleasure. There is only one part of his life that is still grayed out and still pursuing and figuring out this aspect. Decorating and putting life/color is what Jovert Aguilar’s painting revealed in his work. “There’s no place like home’ represent how home heal a person on being an introvert. Bed can also represent rest. In Jie Adamat’s work, present empty shoes to give the impression that the owner is at rest or asleep, which for her symbolized death. The show suggests going or pointing towards the where the word “DREAMS” is printed. The idea of an encounter between the empty show and the owners’ dreams that she tries to share with the viewers, not to the answer any questions, but to make them aware of, or learn from a situation. Moreover, Jerome Choco’s self-portrait, show his experience as a band member. It is a picture of him in band uniform napping after a long walk of parade. In the work of Villanueva and Delos Santos peculiar habit in bed is visible in their work. Winslomer Delos Santos keeps his routine, in playing online game before sleeping. It is a portrait of entertaining himself playing with his friend, as a quick escape in reality that continues on his bed. Jerwin Villanueva’s presents his definition of bedroom in secret habits, where he shows human nature/symbol of sinful deeds.


The 11 artists are collaborating on an installation piece in the middle of the show, a bed experience. Artists are presenting their interpretations of their pillow that represent different meaning,a symbol of sexual desire, addiction, dreams, fear, secret, etc.

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