Group Show | "Changing Paces"

Nova Gallery will showcase artworks from 7 overseas artists and 2 Filipino artists. They will be showing an array of thoughtful paintings from a clutch of Manila-based artists who are all students of provocative Philippine artist, Thomas Daquioag.


The 8 artists are:

Joanne Asquith

Alix Burrell

Karen Lane

Lilian Khadka

Tony Ratcliffe

Suganya Sreenivas

Amanda Tan


Valerie Mercer-Blackman


Their inspirations are informed by experiences stemming from their birthplace cultures in the UK, the US, Colombia, India and Nepal as well as extensive travels around the world, and their current lives in Manila, Philippines. Thomas Daquioag, who believes in the artist’s responsibility to respond to his political, economic, and social surrounds, is a long-time art educator and has been working with the students for several years. “Painting is an expression of inner thoughts, feelings, and impulses but working with artists in groups to share experiences brings out the best in everyone and their work. The Philippines has a proud artistic tradition and I am happy to see artists from overseas becoming part of that,” he said. The artworks will be available for purchase with profits from the sales to be directed to various charities inside and outside the Philippines.