Roman Padilla 27 is also a self taught illustrator/ painter who creates intricate and fine detailed ink illustrations mostly inspired by the dark side of nature, arcane magic and alchemy that has an occult and mystical appeal to them. Also he is influenced by the culture of Japanese manga and the ancient style of ukiyo-e art works. He is often inspired on how our natural world works and he is trying to unravel their hidden secrets by interpreting them through his own version of bizarre but intricate ink illustrations and his colorful maximalist patterned surreal paintings that has a dark and occult tone into them as well.

While his paintings are a candy colored occult narrative itself that gives us an allegory of ciphers ranging from demonic seals, planetary sigils, rune, magical inscriptions and other pagan cryptograms and occult symbols. His pieces are an image to decode teeming with landscapes, mythological floras and faunas and sometimes an erotic metaphor to behold.

Roman Padilla

Hallucination Of Ruby and Sapphire
Circe Was Inlove
Sorcerer Obsidian
Caputt Mortum
Purest Soul Albedo
Golden Dawn Citrinitas
Absolute Perfection Rubedo
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