Hi - Up

May 13 - 27, 2017


As beliefs go, the human psyche has always been more powerful than that of our animal co-inhabitants - Early century mythologies have made us believe that man always had control over their animal halves, that humans could be half animal, but animals could never be half human; It was Medusa who controlled her snakes, it was not the snakes who ordered Medusa.

Hi-Up corners our wildest imaginations and pushes us to see the surreal possibility of an animalistic future - a future where man is more animal than human, where we survive using mediums created by humanity, but in such animalistic ways, where we forget to converse with each other, and instead leer, and grunt, and pounce. Hi-Up leaves us with the flipped notion of regressed evolution, a notion where animals are instead the ones who leash humans and take them out for a walk, a haunting notion of us being the ones needing domestication, of us being the lab-rats, the lap-dogs, and the pets; Time has granted the snakes to create chaos with their controlled Medusa.

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