Apok, Chase, JJ Zamoranos, NEVR | "Deconstructed"

Marikina/Laguna-based artist Nevr/Nevs started sometime back in 2009-2010 from seeing the graffiti scene in Manila. For years, Nevs continues to do work using letters, forms and shapes creating post-graffiti and abstract pieces.

Chase is a Graffiti Writer and a Graphic Designer from Manila, Philippines. Practicing letters/typography for a decade now, Chase participated in most local Graffiti and Mural events such as Meeting of Styles, Wall Lords Asia, and Matira Matibay Graffiti Battle etc. He started painting back in 2008, representing local crews such as Day-Night Bombers and Pilipinas Street Plan. He's also a member of Jokers Crew from Germany.

Currently based in Quezon City, he started writing graffiti back in '09 at the age of 16. His style is one that has evolved gradually since starting out. He represents the international graffiti crew "ZINC NITE CREW" and locally based "SHOW DOWN FREAK KILL" a collective of individuals who specialize in the visual arts; being critical of the social environment and having fun while doing so.

JJ Zamoranos "EXLD"
JJ Zamoranos aka EXLD is a contemporary muralist/street currently based in San Juan Del Monte, Metro Manila. JJ started producing works on canvases and participating in art competitions and group exhibitions since 2004. His fervent interest in skateboarding, pop culture, punk rock and DIY ethos, lowbrow art, and vinyl toys lead him to the realm of Graffiti/Street Art.

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