"Eleventh Hour (The Brain Salad Project)" -  Amiel Cagayat, Almer Moneda, Amos Malayao, Christine Capili, Euna Santiago, Emmark Huab,  Erick Fusilero, Jaylenver Peñafiel, Jehushua Pascual, Jomari T'leon, Keshia Timbang, Leorhislance Gomez, & Teofilo Alagao

Sept 22, 2018

In the latest possible moment, at the brink of the deadline, on the eleventh hour- do we break in the dilemma of the deadline or do we compromise instead- to make amends and try to make ends meet? Or do we dysfunction and freeze in the face of pressure- the pressing of an impending end?

Thirteen artists and the Eleventh hour, do they break in the face of it, do they compromise? After all, what is their own versions of the Eleventh Hour? Some may think it’s the time when nothing could be changed and they just let things be, some make all possible changes before everything is too late. What about those who can’t put themselves on either categories? The pressure of the deadline reveals one’s truest character, when the reality of the consequences slowly become tangible and when one foresees the possible outcome of their decisions on the Eleventh hour-what amends can we do to tame the result or make the most out of our last hours?  What comes after it? Isn’t life itself our own Eleventh hour, never knowing when the Twelfth hour will arrive, it can be on any possible time, maybe today? Maybe later? If every day is an Eleventh hour for everyone, and that includes you, will you either freeze and break or will you make the most of every hour there is?

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