First Movement - Jerome Choco

Sept 23 - Oct 7, 2017

Jerome Choco makes photo-based paintings notable for their perfect finish and done in the manner of hyper realism. Distinctively focused on portraying a certain group of individuals (marching band) wearing their colorful uniforms and shimmering instruments, Choco tries to capture the activity of presenting his characters with the intention of retakes and variations. Most of his previous works are thoroughly self-referential challenging the binaries we continually associate between Self and Other, as he himself is also a musician and part of this musical oeuvre. Like a sensory experience highlighting the importance of sensual pleasure made present, most palpably by the artist's exploration in symphonic erotica/ orchestra.


And by doing so, he tries to increase the dynamics between audience and the works by objectifying certain emotions and investigating the duality and familiarity that develops through different interpretations. Here, he situates women as creator while breaking the passivity of the spectator. Pushing the evocative power of the works a little further, significations flourish and form and content merge.
Thus, the inherent visual seductiveness may escape those who do not take the time to explore how and why these images haunt us, like evocative moments in a good film, long after you've seen them.


- wire tuazon

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