Flashbulb Memories - Marius Dideles | Raha Rodriguez

Jan 27, 2018

The English philosopher John Locke holds that personal identity
is a matter of psychological continuity. He considered personal
identity - the self, to be founded on consciousness and memory,
and not on the substance of either the soul or the body.
One’s remembrance of things play a tremendously huge role in
the formation of one’s identity. It can dictate decisions,
subconscious desires, emotional attachments, and the different
ways on how a person lives out the rest of his life. Memories can
be considered as the building blocks of people’s lives; a wall
within beings. Each memory brick, on top of each memory brick
- simultaneously constructed and deconstructed, expanding,
contracting, taking on different forms.        

In this exhibition, three artists touch on the idea of personal
memory as the most integral part of building human identity.
How do a person’s recollections of the past affect the present
and future? Do they wreak havoc or do they build bridges?
Deriving its term from the old process of taking photographs,
the term ‘flashbulb memory’ refers to a highly detailed,
exceptionally vivid snapshot of a moment and its circumstances,
in which a piece of surprising and emotionally arousing news
was learned, and retained, for a lifetime.         

View our Backroom Session with artists Marius Dideles, Raha Rodriguez and Kenji Mercado

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