Hate Is Too Heavy - Fitz Herrera

Oct 21 - Nov 4, 2017

Art as Unburdening


Borne of maturity and the persistent refinement of his skills in creating abstract art, Fitz Herrera’s paintings have become channels for catharsis, expressing his state of mind and the lessons he learns from life. Hate Is Too Heavy is the latest in a string of successful exhibitions, and may be considered as a marker in his creative journey as he espouses a stance bereft of belligerence, the heft of his thickly applied paints delivering impressions of buoyancy despite their pronounced volume. 

In The Universe Is Watching You, several irregular shapes are visible, manifesting imperfection and the acceptance of possible consequences that may result from one’s actions. Free extends one’s vision and horizon, as a range of pyramidal forms that may be likened to mountains or picket fence edges are set on a white background, providing breathing space for the viewer. Light As A Rainbow provides glimpses of a full spectrum of colors that are dispersed when visible light is refracted, with hints of a textured rain shower and patches of paint that, with some stretch of the imagination, may resemble pieces of clouds. Dismissing Hate, five balanced pairs of paintings in blues, ochres, greys and reds that may be taken alone or as part of a series, invokes scenes of the artist wielding his weapon of choice, a palette knife, in wrenching darkness and negativity away as part of coping with toxic energies encountered every day.

By setting himself free from the constraints of the usual artist’s fixation on struggle and conflict, Herrera in Hate Is Too Heavy seems to choose the path of least resistance, letting loose and allowing art to flow continuously through his being and his painting implements. In this exhibition, he could be imparting a valuable lesson to his audience – that sometimes, a tortured soul is bound out of one’s volition, and the power to let go comes out of personal resolve. One can always dismiss hate and focus on the good, and, through the practice of mindful handiwork, there can be lightness in the face of life’s burdensome encumbrances.


Kaye O’Yek

October 2017

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