Marpolo Cabrera | "Infinite Possibilities"

Marpolo Cabera
Infinite Possibilities
2nd Solo Exhibition

“I believe that pursuing my passion fuels hope, hope that leads to realizing infinite possibilities that’s ahead of me.”

“INFINITE POSSIBILITIES” is MarPolo Cabrera’s 2nd solo art exhibit, coming from his first successful one, the EXPLORATION. His first attempt in showcasing his passion for the arts opened his mind to the thought that there is just so much that he can do. As his first exhibit was well received, it unlocked for him endless possibilities and a space to further his potential.

From his earlier explorations and experimentation, MarPolo brought us his fresh perspective on abstract art which depicted deeply his desire for his craft and excellence but at the same time the journey and the emotions along with it. Every frame captured a piece of himself encapsulating not just love, hope and joy but also sadness, frustrations, rejection and even doubts. But the negativity, through his constant reflection and drive to improve, were turned into instruments of motivation allowing him to see critique as a force to make him even better. As with any artists, emerging particularly, he was not immune to the challenges and judgments. But it was his self-awareness that enabled him to be more receptive to any criticisms, recognize what he has, what he can do to be more and what else he can learn. And with a mindset of taking risks and continuous learning, the peaks and the valleys were paved to become a road of endless opportunities.

Do come and witness again another chapter of MarPolo’s journey and like him, be inspired to see every waking morning as another chance to chase a dream!

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