Raha Rodriguez | "Master Plan: Phase One"

“Something is afoot this land and it is not the grand design of God but of a god. Though the denizens

are godless they now worship a new dog”


A master plan is a detailed proposal of a means to an end. Something a builder, a manager, or any regular citizen might have to achieve an end goal. These are preferably made in secret with hidden hands and strings but when the first step is made, echoes of its movement will ripple across the collective consciousness and soon enough we see the telltale signs. For example, cigarette butts in a

no smoking area, ________ translations above our own words, a whole town infested and turnt. In the case of __________, a lack of direction has brought on undesirable trojan horses in the guise of help and good intentions.

To quote a Palahniuk character, “If you don't know what you want, you end up with a lot you don't.”



Master Plan: Phase One is a reflection of this daylight schemes by unwanted bodies. Rodriguez creates a universe similar to ours in the economic and political plane. Using rag tag parts and figures, he mashes up wholly new characters as a parody of the contemporary eventualities happening in our lives. -Not Actually Made in _____ distributed in the Philippines.



Curated by CC

Written by Wesly Sy

© 2019 by NOVA Gallery Manila

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