Mental Shotgun

Jan 21 - Feb 4, 2017

This inventory of artworks takes cue from Psychologist Daniel Kahneman who invented the term, "mental shotgun". He describes it as the process that goes on inside of our minds where we compute more information than needed.   

We have the innate tendency to over analyze, we think in excess but we can never absolutely claim correctness in thought right away.  Mental shotgun is also tightly akin to keywords such as “rules of thumb,” “presuppositions,” “cognitive illusions,” “bias of judgment,” “thinking errors,” “dogmatic assumptions,” “systematic errors,” “intuitive flaws” which at the onset immediately already relates to the  instability of the human mind. These concepts hover as a constant and mordant motif the artworks.

Meanwhile, much have been said about art being a result of a delicate balance between engineered memory and play of intuition and uncertainties and they seamlessly work within a game of calculation and sheer fluidity.   Of course in most time, these elements do overlap and dovetail simultaneously. Similarly, we all can agree those artists, let alone their natural commitment to discovery and learning, often articulate from the biases of their intuition to be able to conceive and distil new realities if not visually translate events and triggers to new forms.  Most artistic minds do react voluntarily and involuntarily and mobilize logic which melds with such a rush of uncertainties and quick responses of undirected and volatile feelings, perception, memory, imagination, belief and volition to produce aesthetic objects and deliver artistic aims.  For sure, it’s all about the necessary collision of feelings and thought and artists exploit randomness and ideas and along these lines of intuitive tendencies, they attempt to process in search of specific statements and arguments to cumulatively, arrive at what is sublime.

In the realm of human experience, there will always be spaces for error. Nothing is absolutely correct.  It's always, a hit and miss.

“Mental Shotgun” features the work of Demi Padua, Fitz Herrera, Joel  Quinones , Melbourne Aquino, Nasser Lubay, Sam Penaso and Wipo

By: Philip Paraan

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