"Mind Tenants" -  Raine Sarmento, Cheryl Owen & Pejie

June 23, 2018

Three-Man Exhibition

Alone in the midst of people. Anxious, though everything is alright. Empty without a reason. In pain being alive. This exhibition, entitled “Mind Tenants”, by Raine Sarmiento, Pejie Abia, and Cheryl Owen brings you into the minds of those who are suffering with depression and anxiety. Brought about by their own experiences, each artist visually depicts how it is to live everyday carrying the overwhelming weight of emptiness and listening to the voiceless whispers that causes the sufferer to cease living a life.

This exhibition aims to bring forth understanding, and eventually hope, for those who live in their endless sea of emptiness, confusion, pain, fear, anger, and self-hate.

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