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Derek Tumala, Clarissa Gonzalez, & Karl Angay | "Open Ended"

OPEN-ENDED Exhibition by Mvltiverse (est. 2014, Manila, PH) Nova Gallery July 6 opening performance with Outerhope
Exhibition runs until 13.

Open-ended will present collaborative and Individual works by Derek Tumala, Clarissa Gonzalez, Karl Angay. Open-ended aims create an exhibition that will transgress ideas on intersectionality of art & technology, moving image and collaboration. Open-ended suggests practice beyond descriptions and creating cross-disciplinary work to achieve a common goal.

In this exhibition, Derek Tumala, Clarissa Gonzalez & Karl Angay will present collaborative and individual works that will span their practices in an “open-ended” space that will feature collaborators from different fields. Mvltivese will open with an audio-visual performance with musicians Micaela Benedicto & Michael Benedicto collectively known as Outerhope.

(est. 2014, Manila, PH)

MVLTIVERSE is an experimental digital art project focusing to create new approach on forms of the moving image through live performances, coding, new media & electronics, light, installation, parties and collaborations. Collaboration is the core of Mvltiverse, having created works with a range of practices and platforms: from musicians Daedelus, Caliph8, Tarsius; dance platforms: Unknwn, Elephant, XXXX club; cultural institutions: Cultural Center of the Philippines, 98B Collaboratory, HUB Make Lab, Instituto Cervantes. Working with a diverse set allows Mvltiverse to explore on what the moving image can be and expand its definition from the rectangular screen. Mvltiverse has produced “installation parties” in which they tried to create an exhibition and discourse inside a party, these “installation parties" pronounced critical and subversive ideals in parties. “Electropicalia” is about trying to define what postmodern identity is, while “2069” is about the speculative futures of the Philippines that is inimitable.

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