"Puwerza" - Anjo Bolarda

March 17, 2018

New year celebrations mark the start and end of countless scenes of capabilities and inabilities. As seen in many culture where in a lot of customs and festivities are followed, certain activities are practiced to welcome and prepare for the coming year. Despite no claims of being neither true nor scientific, people tend to hold on to these make believe customs to have a sense of control over several factors of their futures. Turning to the supernatural and numinous means to find relief in a power higher than human, luck and fate plays a big role in celebrating life and the countless gods and images directing an amalgam of fortune and tragedy.

Puwerza is an upshot of Anjo Bolarda’s collective observations and memories growing up in a household built from several borrowed traditions. Bolarda aims to create a setting for a discourse confronting these traditions and its role in the contemporary situation. Inspired by the name of La Fuerza, Bolarda also tries to create an invisible layer by way of gathering forces and energies within the complex. Being constantly in the middle of everyday urban situations, through his vision as an artist and by being highly enthused by local popular culture, Bolarda has been utilizing several elements of daily living to stimulate his narratives, aesthetic and sense of community

Written by Marian Barro

Episode 03A: Anjo Bolarda