"Recent Works: Glory Days" -  Jucar Raquepo

Aug 4, 2018

What if a contemporary artist travels

 back in time?  what might   he do?........

“I am influenced by collage and derive at my images through the method of collage or “collage-making”.

The paintings, all hand-painted (not employing decoupage nor juxtaposed printed materials) are

started by painting directly on canvas and without any pre-concieved idea of the final outcome, thereby allowing spontaneity to later dictate my compositions. There are some areas  that look like small abstract paintings while some spaces have realistic or figurative pictures.  Some areas have weathered ground and painted imitations of old maps, old ads, stamps, and worn-out aged paper.  A lot of geometric shapes are employed stressing  the flatness of the picture plane influenced by modernist compositions….Ah yes The Modernist era! One of my favorite years. Those were the glory days!....Over all, my ambition is to create pictures  that would satisfy my sensibility for composition, configurations that are complicated but for me  ‘complete’.   At first you wouldn’t  know how to enter it , and you wouldn’t know how to exit --- as a maker, and as a viewer.  “  - Jucar Raquepo

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