"Resist Desist Coexist" -  Catcat Mendoza, Iori Espiritu, Krista Nogueras, Valerie Luistro

April 19, 2018

Objects clash, merge, overlap, intersect or work parallel with one another. Things are constantly in a state of interaction. In this exhibition, the artists want to address the tensions and issues that arise from the different relationships that transpire within our environment. What connections are formed between two concepts? What are the artists' response from these connections?

Fight. Flight. Freeze. Fawn. These are various stages of primal urge that Nogueras depicts in her series of works. . Indicative of the positive-negative life force and primordial energy, each serpent suggests moving past the stigma and projects the silver lining of living with anxiety, fear and its desensitization.

Espiritu's works articulates the temporal state of things through the depiction of the environment in its different states: life and decay, order and chaos. In Gravity, she creates an assemblage of ceramic forms patterned from nature. The fragility of the ceramic works creates a tension between the object and the space through its suspension, mirroring the fragile state on nature itself. In another work, she presents the temporal nature of things and its relationship with our environment.

The humanoid pieces by Luistro embrace the technological and innovative future by embodying the immortality of thought and being unrestricted by form. The busts are meant to be contradictions of themselves; representations of advanced evolution, disembodied existence and communion whilst constructed through traditional ceramic techniques and materials. The physical nature of the pieces challenges the perspectives of delineations between organic and synthetic, and the prevalent world view of transhumanism as dehumanization

Born from her personal folklore, Cat Cat Mendoza's works are pathways carved in mud; a network of passages to explore the mysteries of her own internal landscape. Her intuitive process shines a light on cyclical attitudes and thought patterns, revealing new meanings that tune the mind to an alternate terrain of experience. Through this method of metamorphoses, Cat-cat creates alternative approaches for the cultivation of a harmonious relationship with the environment.

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