"What Once Was" - Room 111

(Pj Andayran, Mark Martinez, Maribel Magpoe, Kendall Colindon, Christian Culangan, Raphael Carloto, Clark Manalo & Kim Gaceja)
Dec. 8, 2018



Stress and fatigue are the norm. Everyone leads busy lives
moving along the fast paced modern world. And although
careers are furthered, causes are advocated, and wages are
earned everyone finds that there was something that had to
be sacrificed to be where they are. As the city lies down to
sleep, the thought of a cherished memory, a last romance or a
faded kiss, slips into the mind of countless individuals.

Memories of shared laughter, or peaceful nights; memories of
simpler days and of lost innocence. People end up a cog on
the ever spinning gears of the global economy, and as they
get no rest it grinds them down into impotence. The grueling
pace takes over, pitting people against deadlines and
standards and they forget what ever motivated them to spin
the wheel in the first place. They lose heart and passion on
their endeavors and are plagued with notions of surrender. In
the rush of catching up to the world, we lose sight of what
meaning it ever had in the first place.

In the struggle to survive man forgets to live, he becomes
formed and patterned into a machine to help further the gears
of capitalism. Reflection is not escapism, it is to look back and
reaffirm your foundations. Moments of time that serve as an
anchor to our own inner vigor, places and objects that have
come to mean their own truths as testaments of our existence
are the milestones by which we climb higher. WHAT ONCE
WAS is an ensemble of the solidarity in truth that humanity
attests to. A moment of silent reverence in the wake of a
taxing society.

Written by Floyd Absalon

© 2019 by NOVA Gallery Manila

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