Skin Like Coral

June 17 - 29, 2017

Skin Like Coral

"In wildness is the preservation of the world”
-Henry David Thoreau

I think of all my work as an effort to visualize the beautiful albeit uneasy relationship between humanity and nature. Working years as a travel photographer, the skills required of me were for capturing scenes that already were visually existent. The challenge here is to visualize a world where the threshold between man and nature is at its thinnest.  
My new body of work, “Skin like Coral” is a series of paintings depicting a multitude of imagined dimensions, a curious mixture of natural occurrences, memories, sensations and objects layered on canvas only to be wholly understood after its rendering— a rainy midnight on a tropical island, seeing a new species for the first time underwater,  the feeling of an empty, open mind under a vast and starry sky, spiritual breakthroughs in a dark and peaceful forest.
Beginning each piece with a coral species in mind, I rely on my desire to understand my role as a perceiver of this natural phenomena and use the coral’s patterns, colors, and fractal forms to inspire (and limit) new layers onto the canvas one after the other. Each piece is finished when balance is achieved. The scenes depicted in each work now become a look into a space where man, mind, and nature and combine.

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