"Sugar Tidbits; Zero Fat" -  Rene Cuvos

Sept 22, 2018

Artist often looks for inspiration in different places. It may come in a shape of a muse, the solidity of life experiences or an ethos of one’s society. But, sometimes it comes to us in bits and pieces. A spark. A memory. It may also come during the wee hours of the night when we stare into the dark -  into nothingness. Then as if by clockwork, our eyes slowly drop down powerless to resist the lure of the boundless world within the recesses of our mind and then finally, we succumb to the inevitable embrace of deep slumber. As our consciousness slowly drifts away leaving the mundane security of ones’ reality, we travel into a world built by memory and encapsulated with laughter, love, innocence and the longing for actuality.


Rene Cuvos’ current micro paintings of creatures staring wide-eyed with curiosity and incorruptibility, looks as if it is asking an unknown observer his knowledge and compassion. His soft-cuddly rabbit sailing on a paper boat evokes an empathetic feeling, as well as awareness of the beauty and frailty of an inquisitive mind. The young jester amuses his spectator with its impish, but playful look, as a girl plays her violin encouraging the tree to grow with her love and music.

The minimal approach of Rene’s work, accompanied by soft brush strokes and cool and subtle colors gives emphasis to each whimsical, but playful and imaginative representation of his childhood reveries. The audience cannot help but feel, as if one went down into the rabbit hole and transported himself into one of Lewis Carroll’s stories. Where magical creatures are not a figment of one’s imagination, but a reality that engulfs us with wonder and amazement. It reminds us that innocence and imagination is not ambiguous, but a crystalline simplicity.


Rene Cuvo’s “Sugar Tidbits; zero fat” opens back to back with “The Eleventh Hour: a group exhibition” participating artists include: Amiel Cagayat, Almer Moneda, Amos Malyao, Chrisitne Capili, Euna Santiago, Emmark Huab, Erik Fusilero, Jaylenver Penafiel, Jehushua Pascua, Jomari T’leon Keshia Timbang, Leorshinlance Gomez and Teofilo Alagao. Exhibit opens on September 19, 2018 at 6 o’clock in the evening, Nova Gallery located at Warehouse 12A, La Fuerza Compound, Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City. Exhibit will run until October 4, 2018.


by May B. Jandayan

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