"Swimming Lessons" -  Denver Garza & Teo Esguerra

May 12, 2018

One can call this an attempt to break out of their old vessels, an attempt to cut their umbilicals, a thirst to reunite with their future selves as if they knew this would happen. Denver and Teo, like leaves that sprouted from the same tree, then sent away by the challenging winds into a journey, once again, are together. Here.

Close friends would know that these two shared the same passion for lomography, and as if talent is a raging river, they would find themselves painting. Though each one is using a different style, both Denver and Teo share the same understanding towards their style, towards what it's like inside the art circle, and ultimately towards life.

Swimming Lessons is a bold leap into the scene, it is both an establishment of a better version of oneself, and a declaration of being prepared of whatever the future has to throw against these two up and coming artists.

Denver, this time, is coloring outward of his comfort zone using mixed media over three-dimensional landscapes. 2017 and onwards brought new winds into his sails, transporting him into some state between childhood and adulthood, a place that he longed for, where he can practice visual arts as a language that each and everyone's viscera can speak and understand. The eyes and skins of the art scene could tell the evolution that took place within that short span of time. This time around we got a more Denver version of Denver.

Teo, during the same time, introduced sketches and paint into his monochrome prints, a fusion of brutalism and minimalism at a glance, but really it is an intricate weave of past memories, theories, and ambitions yet to be discovered. If you've been watching closely his works throughtout these years you'd see that these photographs that he painted and sketched on are the same photographs that he made and printed inside his darkroom years and years ago. They resurfaced here for the world to see, for the very first time.

Denver and Teo did these explorations not only because such growth is required, but because this is a passage into a broader spectrum of interpretations of purpose, and one, if not many, of these interpretations will soon be adapted and incorporated with their future works.


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