"We all play our part " - Group Show
Nov. 17, 2018

Raha Rodriguez
Randell Tiongco
Reen Barrera
Mr. S
Reuel Rendon
Rurik Tabafunda
Tano Bayawak

Coins have two sides and so do ourselves, our inside and their outside, in parallel with the right side and the wrong, it paved way to the proverbial mask that each carry since the day we've known shame.

Almost bipolar in a fine borderline we wear our dress like how we imagined to be addressed, we wear our suit on how we think it'll suit society.

Gestures in default and lines preloaded, instinctual and party intellectual, its how each cope, Its how we interact for the acceptance we always truly hope.

We are never the same person to anyone person, as we all are as a person uniquely the same.

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