Oct. 6, 2018

Each day every people spend their lives waking in this one world we call earth,

and everyday each of those people will spend those lives not waking from worlds we call thoughts

Planes and places in the mind in which dreams are born, lucid or recurring its where reality is bent to tailor fit each individual who missed out social cues and has distinct views on things expressing freedom to oneself self gratifying and selfish yet its not judged nor is constricted by rules constructed, its the other morality that mirrors reality, the reality in which each is broken but is commonly accepted, we retreat within ourselves like hermit crabs in front of a gushing wave, protecting and mending, living and not moving.

Layers and layers of liars and lovers, it’s where we stand and firmly we stand, we believe in these and we believe in it so much and soon enough that it becomes the truth the truth that each of us wants so much, so much that it hurts and creates another layer of lie in turn would be a foundation to another layer to be loved, this is existentialism at its finest.

Each day every people lives and wakes loving

Each day every people lives and wakes fighting

Each day every people lives and wakes living

Each day every people lives and wakes leaving

This one world we call home.

Words by Elleazar Austria

© 2019 by NOVA Gallery Manila

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